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Dec 7-9, 2015 | Mumbai, India

CNH2015 / International Symposium on

Community Nutrition And Health : A Social Responsibility

India is emerging as one of the global economies and hence going through an important nutritional transition. There is a distinct nutritional dichotomy with both under and over nutrition co-existing.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is not new in India, but earlier had a complete philanthropic approach as Community Social Responsibility. Now the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility has been passed by both the Houses of the Parliament under 'The Companies Act' and received assent from President of India in 2013.

Various government and Non-Government organizations (NGO's), food industries, academic institutions, media, trusts and foundations are working in their own way to facilitate balanced holistic development of the community. To obtain sustainability in the CSR activity, it is important to exchange ideas and indentify the existing lacunae.

Nutrition Society of India, Mumbai Chapter for their 9th Annual event, takes the leading role to provide a platform for these organizations to showcase their nutrition-related initiatives through CSR activities through a two day International symposium on Community Nutrition and Health : A Social Responsibility (8-9th Dec 2015) with a pre-conference workshop on Interpretation of Health Indicators (7th Dec 2015). The International symposium will be organized in collaboration with Ergonomic Society of India for 13th International HWWE2015 Conference, under theme 'Caring for People'.

We extend our warm invitation to all scientists and young researchers working in the area of Nutrition, Community Nutrition and Health for their active participation.

Download: The updated schedule and Program book for CNH2015

You can download the CNH2015 Pre-Symposium Study Material here.

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